Stephen King Donation

The great Stephen King was born on 21st September 1947; the man has been a fan of writing since a very young age. He has become known as the “King of Horror’ by the fame he has gotten from his 350 million sold copies. Majority of his books were converted into comic books, films, miniseries, or TV series.

He has written in various genres, for example, science fiction, suspense, horror, fantasy, and supernatural fiction. He is the author of 51 books, seven more as Richard Bachman (his pen name), and 200 short stories.

This master and his wife have made generous donations throughout their career, but now they have made yet another donation of $1.25 million to New England Historic Genealogical Society. Stephen King and Tabitha, his wife, gave it as a gift from their foundation.

This organisation is in Boston and is quite a large and old genealogical society. They give great services about family history; they provide an informative website, scholarships, education, and research facilities. Their staff aids families to explore their past and place in history.

New England Historic Genealogical Society is a nonprofit organisation devoted to providing advanced education regarding American family history by linking, motivating, and educating people via their expertise and help.

The announcement of this generous gift was revealed on Tuesday, 26th February 2019. The CEO, Brenton Simons, claimed that this money would have “far-reaching benefits.”

The donation will be used to improve the educational program, build a curriculum for family history for local students and the head quarter’s expansion.


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