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If you have the desire to run your own business but lack the required funds, then it’s your lucky day. No need to dress up and go work for someone else who may not even value your skills or dedication. Thanks to the internet people can now work in the comfort zone of their homes without making massive investments. Sounds good, right? Take a look at the top six business ideas you could start from home today:

1. Online Researcher

Online Researcher

I’m pretty sure you spend half the day surfing the internet for random stuff. Why not get paid for that? Companies are too busy with taking decisions and managing work that they don’t have time for research. You could do that for them instead. You could apply to become an internal online researcher for a company and work while sitting on your couch eating pizza. All you have to do is provide research on the required topics and get paid for it in return.

This could eventually lead you to become a significant part of the marketing department as the research you conduct will be used to initiate future marketing strategies. All you need to have is a fast laptop or computer and a good internet connection. You could earn an excellent hourly rate which can be increased as you gain experience and perform better.

2. App Development

App Development

Since the invention of Smartphones, applications have become extremely popular. If you know the coding and possess a unique idea for an app, then you could earn big bucks with it. Even apps which are available for free on the play store are earning handsome figures. It is ultimately your choice if you want to launch a free app or a paid one.

In a free app, you can reach out to people who wish to run adds on your app. It’s precisely how most of the app developers earn. When you’re done with the first one, just launch it and start working on the next one. Use your knowledge and app development skills to earn while enjoying your time at home.

3. Blogging


If you have the magic in your words which can attract readers, then you should start blogging. Bloggers are earning real big! Just write blogs on exciting and trending topics which will make your blog stand out. After that, just watch the viewers counter run like the wind. You could easily earn money by the number of views and clicks.

To increase your earnings in the world of blogs all you have to do is add referrals and focus on product promotions when you start getting the hang of it. If you are looking for an example, a blogger named Michelle has earned more than $100,000 per month in 2017 for his blogs on “Making Sense of Cents.” All you need is a computer and a fast internet to startup blogging. Does it sound like a good idea? Start Brainstorming now!

4. Freelancing


If you think you are creative in writing or designing you can easily become a freelancer. Companies have noticed how much they can save by handing over their work to talented freelancers who are quite cheap compared to large agencies who charge very high rates for content and designing.

You can start off by charging low prices to earn trust. When you have enough clients, who have complete faith in your work and admire it, demand any rate and they will be more than willing to facilitate you. Start searching for a project now if you are interested in becoming a freelancer.

5. Pet Sitting/ Baby Sitting

Baby SittingPet Sitting

If you are looking for a way to earn money and have fun, you can start pet sitting or babysitting. People love their pets, but some don’t have time all day to take care of them, especially people who go to work. If you are fond of animals and consider yourself capable of handling them, you can ask people to drop them off at your place on an hourly pay basis. Some people love their pets a lot and won’t mind spending a few extra bucks on them.

Same goes for babies! Some might turn out to be a bit noisy, but if you’re getting paid, then it’s worth tolerating. Many working couples need babysitters to look after their babies while they go for work so that you could come in very handy. If you think you can handle a bunch of babies or pets for reasonable money, then this is the best option for you!

6. Cooking


Who doesn’t love food? And if it is delicious people will spend fortunes on it. If you think your food can make people droll for more then, you should start making it for commercial benefits. You can make a list of your best meals and approach audiences with the help of different social networks. Take orders and cook it in your own beautiful kitchen. You can even hire a delivery boy who can deliver your orders and bring back the cash.

Many people avoid food from restaurants to stay healthy; therefore you can efficiently target them by providing healthy home-cooked meals at much lower prices than any place. Your home kitchen can turn out to become a leading food provider in a city within months. Why not give it a try?

Wrap Up

Earning cash couldn’t have gotten easier! If you go back a few years, there weren’t many opportunities to earn from home. But now you can select any one of the above ideas and start up a good business. If you feel degraded working from home, let me remind you that Google was first operated from a garage.

Did you find any of these business ideas helpful? Which one are you going to try? You can shoot your questions and remarks regarding this blog in the comment section below and tell us if you have more work from home ideas.


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